Database Administrator II




Burlington VT


Base Salary: $USD 0.00

The Job:
The database team will provide leadership in database strategy, architecture and roadmapping, and provide scalable, reliable and resilient database systems and solutions in collaboration with the appropriate engineering teams.  The team will be responsible for the installation, configuration, design, optimization, administration, and maintenance of robust customer-facing database systems.  This includes development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure data security, integrity and supportability.  We expect the team to optimize both production and non-production environments by designing high performing, highly-available, redundant databases; automating incoming and outgoing data feeds, developing and maintaining automation of monitoring and maintenance tools, implementing and maintaining data replication, assisting developers in writing quality SQL, and troubleshooting any data access problems.
Primary Duties:
  •        Design, model and build effective, high-performing relational and document-oriented database systems.
  •        Develop strategies and implement solutions for data loading, archiving, backup, recovery and deployment of databases.
  •        Resolve database performance issues, database capacity issues, replication, and other distributed data issues.
  •        Provide direction and oversight to engineering, systems engineering, and business team members regarding data and database system strategies, standards and roadmaps.
  •        Plan and execute proof of concept of new database technologies.
  •        Develop and implement data retention policies.
  •        Clean and maintain the database by archiving, removing and deleting stale data.
  •        Install and configure RDBMS and associated software.
  •        Support software developers with database operations including the development of complex SQL, tuning of DML, and the creation of stored procedures.
  •        Collaborate with software engineering and other departments to design effective solutions and streamline data related processes.
  •        Prepare paperwork and attend departmental and project related meetings.
What We Look For:
  •        Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  •        Experience supporting large, highly available, distributed, enterprise production database systems.
  •        Ability to quantify and qualify merits of database technologies.
  •        Linux scripting skills with shell scripts is required.
  •        Multi-datacenter deployment experience preferred.
  •        Skilled in advising developers on upgrades, data consistency and availability.
  •        Experience in tuning data structures, indexing and queries.
  •        Experience in replication implementation and best practice consulting.
  •        Background in automotive industry or relevant interest is desired
  •        Experience with MySQL server tuning for both InnoDB and MyISAM
  •        Highly skilled in query development and tuning
  •        Knowledge of MySQL maintenance best practices
  •        Experience with database scaling and high-availability designs
  •        Experience with low-level database performance tuning on virtualized platforms and bare metal
  • ·       Experience with clustered or multi-master deployments preferred

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